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10-Year-Old Florida Girl Fatally Shoots Woman Who Was Arguing With Her Mother

Niña de 10 años disparó y asesinó a mujer que discutía con su madre en Florida

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A 10-year-old girl was arrested and charged with second-degree murder after shooting to death a woman who was fighting with her mother in a housing development located in Orlando, Florida.

The incident took place last May 30 at the Jerningan Gardens Apartments, where Lakrisha Isaac, 31, began arguing with another woman, Lashun Rodgers, for unknown reasons and, at a certain point, handed her daughter a bag she was carrying with a gun in it, according to local channel WKMG TV.

The escalation of verbal violence between the two women escalated, and they began to exchange a few blows, until Rodgers’ boyfriend intervened.

Minutes later, Rodgers stopped fighting and began to walk away when the girl pulled the gun out of the bag and shot the woman twice.

Rodgers was rushed to a hospital, but doctors could do nothing to save her life.

The mother now faces charges of aggravated “culpable negligent involuntary manslaughter” with a firearm.

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