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146 Bodies Found in Donetsk Mass Graves

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Ukrainian authorities said Friday that police had recovered 146 remains from mass grave sites in the eastern Donetsk region’s Lyman city.

Among the unearthed dead were 111 civilians and 35 Ukrainian soldiers.

Police said it was the largest burial site in the city, liberated by the Ukrainians after months of Russian occupation.

The city is in one of the four regions that Russia has annexed.

“The police have completed investigative actions in a cemetery in Lyman, where two mass burial sites were discovered,” a police statement said.

“Civilians were buried in one location and Ukrainian defenders in the other. Those killed were buried in trenches,” the statement said, cited by the local Ukrinfom news agency.

Police said they found some unnamed graves as the exhumation work lasted over two weeks.

They found another 25 burial sites in Lyman, where teams are investigating.

Police have found 58 burial sites across the recaptured areas of Donetsk.

Police have recovered 166 bodies from the recaptured northern areas of the region.

The victims included 66 women and five children.

According to the preliminary data, most victims died from shrapnel injuries and natural causes.

Some bodies bore signs of violence.

Russia has annexed Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhia, and Kherson in the last nearly eight months of the war with Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army Friday reported that Moscow had mobilized about 2,000 Russians in the captured Kherson region to “replenish (military) losses and reinforce units on the front line.”

At the same time, the Russian authorities in the occupied regions have ordered a further evacuation, while humanitarian facilities in Kherson have stopped working.

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