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1,725 Daily Abortions: The Painful Figures of Abortion

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63,459,781 abortions have been performed in the United States since 1973, that’s the figure estimated by the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) after they compiled reports from the CDC and the Guttmacher Institute (originally founded as a research branch of Planned Parenthood). According to the CDC, in 2019 there were 629,898 abortions. That’s 1,725 abortions per day, 71 per hour, 1 every minute.

In the United States, one out of seven babies gets aborted. If we look specifically at the Black population, one in three Black babies is aborted. In New York, there are years when more babies of Black descent are aborted than are born alive. The abortion rate there among Black mothers is more than three times higher than the rate among white mothers.

With those painful numbers, it is essential for every woman to be clear that as early as the 22nd day of pregnancy, the baby’s heart begins to beat with blood of its own, often with a different blood type than the mother’s. By week 5, the baby’s eyes, legs, and hands will begin to develop. By week 6, brain waves are detectable. By week 8, every organ is in place and fingerprints begin to form. In weeks 9 and 10 teeth begin to form, and the baby can already frown. By week 13, the second trimester begins and the baby can open and close its hands. By week 15, the mother can feel the baby turn and move inside her womb.

Deaths from abortion far outnumber those caused by cancer, violent crime, heart disease, AIDS, or accidents. According to NRLC, more than 800,000 babies will die this year before they are born, many of these abortions are paid for with tax-payer money, and many politicians are working to make it possible for these abortions to be performed ever in later stages of pregnancy.

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