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NYC Crime Wave: 2 Bodies Found on MTA Subway Tracks

Encuentran dos cadáveres en las vías del metro en Nueva York

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One of New York City’s subway lines had to be shut down Wednesday after a train driver discovered two bodies on the tracks as he approached a station in Brooklyn.

The MTA employee discovered the bodies at around 7:30 a.m., a rush-hour when thousands of New Yorkers use the subway to commute to work or school.

El American’s Emmanuel Rondon and Luis Cornelio detailed how New Yorkers were growing tired of the lawlessness and insecurity in the MTA.

The bodies were found on the tracks of subway line 3, at the Sutter Ave-Rutland Road station in the Brownsville neighborhood.

According to ABC Channel 7, it has not yet been possible to determine the identity and gender of the bodies due to their condition.

According to preliminary data from the police, they could be two graffiti artists who were in the tunnel, a place known for graffiti art.

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