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What is the 2030 Agenda? | Culture War

¿Qué es la agenda 2030? | Culture War

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THE DUTCH GOVERNMENT issued the 2030 Agenda, a plan to reduce nitrogen emissions that significantly affects farmers, and said that “there is not a future for all” for any of them. In the first episode of the new season of Culture War, our editor-at-large, Emmanuel Rincón, analyzes the Dutch farmers’ protest and why the American press has omitted coverage of it.

According to Rincón, the massive Dutch farmers’ protests hide a common motive with the press silence and resemble those of the Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers.

What is the 2030 Agenda? | Culture War

“Basically, the government does not want to let farm workers work and produce, this time, because of the 2030 Agenda,” said Rincón. “And, therefore, the same people have decided to blockade the country and rise up against the dictatorial measures of the bureaucrats in Brussels.”

Agriculture in the Netherlands is not only crucial to its economy, but much of the world depends on it. After the United States, Dutch farmers represent the second largest agricultural exporting force on the planet, and their industry is increasingly regulated.

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2030 Agenda: does cost matter?

The agricultural industry in the Netherlands accounts for about 4 million cows, 12 million pigs, and 100 million chickens. If production is affected, the consequences could be devastating for Europe (and the whole world.)

That is why, for Rincón, European bureaucracy is playing a dangerous game that could severely affect the welfare of even developed countries.

“The European Union’s radical guidelines to stop emissions only fit in the minds of officials far removed from reality who draw calculations in their worlds governed by men who play God and believe they can work miracles with the climate, gravity, the air, and life itself,” said Rincon.

Due to Europe’s dictates, the Dutch bureaucracy has arbitrarily decided, without considering the livelihood of farmers and their importance to the whole world, that emissions in its territory must be reduced by at least half.

Although the situation in the Netherlands is delicate and the protests have reached a violent point, the American media seem to pay no attention. All for the sake of the globalists’ 2030 Agenda.