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25 Cuban Nationals Escaping Communism Arrived at Key Biscayne on a Precarious Boat

Guardia Costera repatría a 59 cubanos interceptados en Cayos de Florida

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Authorities reported that a group of about twenty Cuban migrants arrived on Tuesday aboard a precarious boat to Key Biscayne, an island linked to Miami by bridges and with one of the highest per capita incomes in the area.

A Border Patrol agent, Walter N. Slosar, confirmed on his Twitter account the landing at the Crandon Park marina of 25 Cubans who have been taken into the custody of federal authorities and pointed out that this possible human smuggling case is under investigation.

Border Patrol officers assisted the group of Cubans with water and gave them first aid.

Everyone in the group appeared to be in good health, although one pregnant woman was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

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More than 140,000 Cuban migrants have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border since October, while the Coast Guard has intercepted more than 3,000 Cuban nationals risking their lives in the Florida Straits escaping from the island.

According to statistics, the exodus of Cubans to the United States by sea, which some have already compared to that of Mariel (1980) and the “rafters crisis” (1994), increased after the protests against the dictatorship on July 11, 2021.