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$250M for Organization Promoting Trans Ideology to Children Under 3

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ZERO TO THREE is an organization that supposedly promotes early childhood development, yet within its trainings to educators are lectures such as “What does it mean to be transgender and how can you support children who might be?” and “Raising Racial Equity in the First 1000 Days.” This organization that promotes trans ideology among children under the age of three received more than $250 million in taxpayer funding, the Daily Caller reported.

The ideas of the new left have only achieved a certain popularity because they are imposed by governmental organizations and sponsored by the state. Cultural Marxism has taken over state institutions and now with the same money from their parents, children are being indoctrinated in completely abusive ideas.

What we see these days is child abuse. It is absolutely harmful for a teacher to talk to children under the age of three about sex and issues related to gender ideology. The state must be held accountable for these funds for the promotion of sexuality in children, parents must continue to fight for their children, and voters must punish politicians who promote these ideas.

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