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4 Hispanic Leaders Who Are Reshaping Global Politics


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UNFORTUNATELY, politics is often full of egos, self-interest, and corruption. But in the midst of evil, fortunately, there are always those who do things right. In a world where the more radical left is advancing aggressively, it is not only necessary to be good, but also to have the courage and guile to confront the enemies of freedom and to restore the illusion of a people fed up with politicians.

Here are four Hispanic leaders who have relatively new careers in their countries’ politics but are already making big changes.

María Elvira Salazar (United States)

This daughter of Cuban immigrants came to the U.S. Congress in 2021 to make a stand and give people something to talk about. At a time when the Republican Party seems to be beginning to understand the importance of Hispanics, Salazar, charismatic and proactive, has led several initiatives and pushed for fundamental discussions that many Republicans have ignored for years.

The representative has become a leading voice for the Hispanic community in Congress, moving her party colleagues to defend essential causes for Latinos, and has even gotten several congress members to join the protests of Cubans against the regime that oppresses the island.

The immigration issue is one of the most important topics of current American politics, and Salazar has played a leading role in contributing to the understanding of this phenomenon and proposing a solution. In the midst of a border crisis that the current administration does not want to acknowledge, and with a Democratic Party that uses the issue to claim – falsely – to be the defender of Hispanics, the representative has made it clear to Congress and public opinion that it is false that all Hispanics want open borders.

She has also introduced the Dignidad Act, which seeks to curb the crisis taking place at the southern border, as well as to provide a solution for the millions of migrants who have contributed to this country for years but whose immigration status has not yet been resolved.

The role of Hispanics is becoming increasingly decisive in American politics and the Republican Party will have a great asset if this Cuban-American is re-elected to Congress, her understanding of regional politics and her ability to present sensible positions that can bring together Hispanics of different political positions are outstanding. Salazar is undoubtedly one of the new political leaders not to be missed.

Javier Milei (Argentina)

Javier Milei is a political phenomenon that should make any scholar of these topics move his eyes to Argentina. In his country, there are neighborhood stores with his name, young people imitate his hairstyle, he fills audiences where he makes rockstar-like entrances, and his videos shouting economic lessons or accusing leftists of being stupid are viral on all social networks.

The man with the particular hairstyle (if it can be called a hairstyle), who is now a congressman in Argentina, studied economics and for years was dedicated to teaching and consulting, but his interventions on television talking about the economy with unparalleled histrionic skills made him a celebrity in his country. After several years of agitating the masses from the media and popularizing the ideas of freedom, he decided to take the leap into politics and run for Congress.

Today, when young Argentines interested in politics are asked how they identify, most of them say they are liberals/libertarians; this phenomenon is largely due to Milei’s incredible popularity. This economist has managed to bring to the people issues such as the real causes of inflation, the problem of what he calls “the political elite”, and the importance of economic freedom. In essence, Milei got ordinary Argentines interested in economics.

His ability to excite may lead him to become Argentina’s first libertarian president.

María Fernanda Cabal (Colombia)

Few political leaders have the character that this Colombian senator has shown. She has confronted leftists from all groups, from all parties -including her own-, national and international. Her character, fortunately, is accompanied by an astute sense of humor that allows her to withstand the attacks she receives daily and that makes her stand out for her popular phrases that then become viral material on networks, such as the famous “study, you bums”, which was born when she decided to confront a group of leftist demonstrators and shout this phrase that has become a popular meme in Colombia.

Like so few in the Colombian Congress, Cabal understands the different threats posed by the left. She has been the leading voice against the environmentalists who want to leave Colombia without oil exploitation and condemn it to poverty. She has denounced with imposing clarity that what some call “protests” are guerrilla takeovers of the cities. She has confronted the FARC in Congress and those still in the guerilla, insisting relentlessly that they are still the same.

The courage with which she defends her causes and the solidity of her ideas have positioned her as the leader of the true right, but beyond that, she has become the hope of millions of Colombians to get out of the government of former guerrilla Gustavo Petro, who in a few days will take power.

Cabal has many possibilities of becoming the first woman president of Colombia, but until that happens, her role as Senator will be to be the spearhead against an extreme left that already seems to have bought a Congress full of traitors to the homeland.

Santiago Abascal (Spain)

Abascal is the leader and one of the founders of VOX, the party that revived the Spanish right. Abascal was a member of the traditional right-wing party, the PP (Partido Popular), but tired of what he has called “the cowardly little right,” he left to form VOX.

For years, Abascal has been the subject of ridicule and countless attacks, he has been branded as xenophobic, homophobic, retrograde, and almost any accusation that comes to mind on the left, but his perseverance and the solidity of his ideas allowed him to overcome all the trials and achieve successes that many believed impossible for his very young political party.

VOX today serves as an inspiration for the Ibero-American right, which from the other side of the ocean watches with attention the path that Abascal and his comrades traveled to put back in Congress the true ideas of the right. Abascal dared to put on the table issues that nobody wanted to touch for fear of making the left uncomfortable. He dared to talk about illegal migration, the indoctrination of the left in schools, and the importance of the family, he fearlessly confronted the independentistas and with his face held high he taught many politicians that being right-wing is not a source of shame but of pride.

Abascal is an example of struggle and perseverance for truth and freedom. He was able to leave his party and start from nothing with a megaphone in the street but with the conviction that the right thing must be done even if it seems impossible. The leader and founder of VOX is also an exceptional speaker, stirs up the masses, and moves feelings. Abascal managed to give back hope to millions of Spaniards hope and a mutual desire to fight for their country.

Vanessa Vallejo. Co-editor-in-chief of El American. Economist. Podcaster. Political and economic analysis of America. Colombian exile in the United States // Vanessa Vallejo. Co-editora en jefe de El American. Economista. Podcaster. Análisis político y económico de América. Colombiana exiliada en EE. UU.

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