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Biden’s Economy: Over 4 Million Americans Quit Their Jobs in November

4,5 millones de americanos renunciaron a sus trabajos en noviembre

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Tuesday that four and a half million people voluntarily quit their jobs last November, the highest number since the metric began being tracked,

The record number is part of what has been dubbed by the media and economic sectors as “the Big Quit,” a phenomenon whereby millions of Americans are leaving their jobs in recent months, either to look for other jobs or to leave the labor market altogether.

The four and a half million quits in November are 370,000 more than the previous month, according to government data.

The sectors that experienced the greatest increase in the loss of employees were hotel and restaurant services; health and social assistance, and transportation; and warehousing and supplies.

In terms of new hires, November closed with 6.7 million new contracts, a figure very similar to that of October.

Finally, 1.4 million people lost their jobs in November when they were laid off, a number also very similar to that of the previous month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated.

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