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The 5 Best Memes of the Week

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Each week in El American we will make a selection of the best memes of the week about current affairs. We start with one in which President Joe Biden is the protagonist.

This past week was marked by the suicide of John McAfee, but also by an unleased Biden, who after his visit to Europe during the G7 seems to have returned unleashed, calling Latinos “latinx” and saying they don’t get vaccinated for fear of being deported, whispering disturbingly, and bragging about nuclear weapons and fighter jets, while simultaneously trying to make us believe that bison horns on a hat are a weapon of mass destruction.

Memes of the week: June 21-27, 2021

Biden has attempted to pronounce the unpronounceable term “latinx.” As if he didn’t already have enough trouble with the teleprompter, on top of that he is forced to speak in the unintelligible Woke language. Anyway, the worst part of the speech was not that he used “latinx”, but that in a waste of prejudice and racist stereotypes, he stated that Latinos did not get vaccinated for fear of being deported.

memes of the week - el american
The face Latinos usually put when they hear someone say “latinx.”

For months, the left has been trying to make people believe that the Capitol Hill freakout has been a hecatomb and a near-lethal threat to the government. Therefore, citizens must be disarmed, because, for the left, the Second Amendment is synonymous with insecurity. Yet Biden has bragged that the government has F-15 aircraft and nuclear bombs at its disposal. Does he intend to use them against Americans who still trust in the Second Amendment?

A crazy man with bison horns is more powerful than a nuke, apparently. (Reddit)

Many Americans, including Biden, complained that they found Trump’s tweets too offensive, violent and threatening. Now the Democratic president has flirted with the idea that the government could use nuclear bombs against his opponents. Which is worse, a mean tweet or an atomic bomb?

At least we don’t have to see mean tweets. (Twitter)

During the G7 summit, Spain’s President Pedro Sanchez’s embarrassing attempt to be filmed with Biden went viral. During a brief stroll through the corridors of the summit, Biden seemed to have no idea who the person chasing him was, whom he may have thought was a janitor or a waiter. A few days later, John McAffee appeared to have committed suicide in a prison in Spain. Lost in translation, some wondered?

John McAffee was found dead in a Spanish prison, this meme jokes with a potential bad translation. (Twitter)

To cap off a week full of gaffes and very strange moments, Biden has taken to whispering in a very odd and disturbing manner during press conferences. In true Hannibal Lecter style in The Silence of the Lambs, Biden’s whispering only confirms his Creepy Joe alias.

memes biden whisper
Joe Biden’s whisper reminds us those of Hannibal Lecter

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