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Five Keys to Understanding the Pro-Bolsonaro Demonstrations in Brazil

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This Tuesday there were massive protests throughout Brazil, a day that was described as a defense of freedom and conservative values where thousands of citizens in several cities took to the streets in support of President Jair Bolsonaro.

The president assured in his speech that he is committed to the understanding of the Public Powers. However, he maintained that it is necessary for the Brazilian Supreme Court of Justice to return to the constitutional path, which, he said, he will respect.

“As of today, a new history begins to be written in Brazil. I ask God, more than wisdom, to give me strength and courage to decide properly. Decisions are not easy. Do not choose the side of confrontation. I will always be with the Brazilian people”, said the president to the crowd, in a statement reported by La Nación.

Bolsonaro also showed on his social networks the response to his call, which takes place on the country’s Independence Day. He posted several videos on his official Twitter account, in which the large crowd of people in different cities of Brazil can be observed.

Five keys to understanding the demonstrations

1. They are protests against censorship and in favor of freedom: the protesters consider that the Supreme Court of Justice, which promotes censorship and investigations against several conservative leaders and supporters, is curtailing freedom of expression by opening investigations for contents published in social networks, which the Supreme Court cataloged as false.

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2. They support the president’s decisions in defense of free speech: citizens support the president’s decision of this Monday in which he issued a decree that prohibits social media companies from removing content in an “arbitrary” manner. The text signed by Bolsonaro highlights that he will guarantee “freedom of expression on social networks”.

3. In defense of values: in the massive mobilizations, the importance of defending and protecting conservative values was also emphasized.

4. They support the need for a stronger electoral system: the president warned that Magistrate Luis Barroso intends to use Brazil’s electoral system to promote irregularities in the process.

5. Demonstrate President Bolsonaro’s popularity: the massive participation in the demonstrations reinforced the objective of demonstrating that the conservative president is strong politically, despite what the polls say.

AME2856. SAO PAULO (BRASIL), 07/09/2021.- Se registraron protestas multitudinarias en Brasil EFE/ Fernando Bizerra
AME2856. SAO PAULO (BRAZIL), 09/07/2021.- Massive protests were held in Brazil. (EFE)

International support

The mobilizations were known all over the world and many conservatives supported the Brazilians. For example, Spanish journalist Hermann Tertsch said that it is a demonstration that there are citizens who stand up against communism.

“Brazil stands up with all its honest citizens standing against communism and against the red narcomafias of the Sao Paulo Forum. With Jair Bolsonaro against tyranny, corruption, communist gangs and the media bought by the Lulas, Zapateros, Alex Saabs and Maduros,” Tertsch wrote on Twitter.

American conservative journalist Jack Posobiec also referred to the day in support of Bolsonaro and asked to pray for Brazilians. He also assured that “communism will not win”. He wrote the message in Portuguese.

Williams Perdomo es periodista y escritor, especializado en las fuentes Política y Cultura.