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Five-Year-Old Girl Found Alone on Mexico Border

Niña de 5 años encontrada sola en canal fronterizo


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Officers in the San Diego sector of California found a 5-year-old girl walking alone along a canal near the border fence with Mexico. The minor is believed to be Guatemalan. This was reported on Tuesday, through a statement, by the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection.

The girl was discovered on Monday morning. The agents observed through border security cameras that some people were leaving a little girl near the end of the border fence in the San Ysidro area, California.

After being abandoned, the little girl began to walk from the borderline along the channel of the trans-border Tijuana River and crossed into the U.S. heading north.

Migrant from Guatemala

Upon questioning the little girl, the agents determined that she was a Guatemalan national and 5 years of age. According to the child’s version, her parents live in the United States, but she said she did not have contact with them. In that sense, she also explained that a 7-year-old cousin had been left behind in Mexico with an unknown man.

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The story of the 5-year-old girl is not the only one. The border is experiencing an unprecedented crisis (Image: EFE).

Aaron Heitke, chief of the Border Patrol in the San Diego sector, highlighted in the statement that this is an example of what migrants go through. “Sadly, this is the latest example of how the most vulnerable populations are exploited for economic gain.”

While this is shocking, it is not the first case. Months ago there was also the story of a boy who said he was dumped at the border point. “I was coming with a group of people and they left me stranded, I don’t know where they are,” said the boy while crying inconsolably.

The boy was walking alone on the road east of the Rio Grande in Texas. This is one more example of the drama at the border, where minors are the main victims.