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51 % of U.S. Latino Workers Say They Are ‘Burned Out’

51 % de los trabajadores latinos en Estados Unidos dicen estar "quemados"

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More than half (51%) of Latino workers in the United States say they are “burned out” on the job by the high productivity demands of their bosses, according to a new report released Friday by Microsoft based on 20,000 surveys.

The proportion of Hispanics who say they are “burned out” at work is higher than that of the U.S. society as a whole (47%), said Colette Stallbaumer, head of Future of Work at Microsoft, in an interview with EFE to discuss the results of the survey.

Latinos also overwhelmingly perceive that they are already sufficiently productive at work (90%). However, most managers in this demographic fear that the transition to remote work will make it difficult to ensure that their employees are being productive from home.

“The time has come to end productivity paranoia and use other metrics such as achieving results. The obsession with productivity doesn’t fit a hybrid or remote model,” Stallbaumer said.

Eighty-two percent of Latinos surveyed said that what really motivates them to return to in-person work is the promise of socializing with colleagues, and 75 percent are also interested in the possibility of rebuilding the bonds that exist between members of the same team.

“Managers need to be aware that if people are coming back to the office, it’s to be with their colleagues, to regain those personal bonds,” said Stallbaumer, who advocated that supervisors and managers “re-recruit” people who already work for them by offering them the chance to learn new skills.

The Microsoft Future of Work survey was conducted among 20,006 full-time and freelance employees in 11 different countries, including the U.S. and Brazil, between July 7 and August 2, 2022.

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