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58% of Americans Believe Biden Cannot Protect Pipelines, Says Rasmussen Reports

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58% of American voters believe that President Joe Biden is not capable of protecting oil pipelines from hacker attacks, such as the one reported last week. This was revealed in a Rasmussen Reports survey.

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey find that 42% of U.S. voters are at least “somewhat confident” in the federal government’s ability to protect against future attacks such as the one that shut down the Colonial pipeline,” the report explains.

Similarly, the survey detailed that of that 42%, only 15% are “very confident”. Meanwhile, 29% are “not very confident” that the government can protect itself against attacks and 25% are “not at all confident”.

Rasmussen Reports - Colonial Pipeline - El American
After the attacks, Americans are worried about protecting the pipelines. (EFE)

Why protect the pipelines

The survey comes after Colonial announced that the major U.S. East Coast pipeline – one of the country’s major energy arteries – was paralyzed last Friday by a cyberattack.

On Monday, the FBI confirmed that the “DarkSide” hacking group was responsible for the cyberattack. The hackers not only blocked access to the company’s computers but also demanded money to free them.

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