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59 Percent of Republicans Oppose Stricter Gun Control Laws

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With an anti-gun administration in the White House, Second Amendment and gun ownership advocates – mostly Republicans – see the possibility of losing their rights and ability to defend themselves closer to reality.

A recent Morning Consult poll found that 59% of Republicans oppose increasing gun control via new regulations that would prevent them from exercising their right to self-defense. This figure is up 13 % since 2019.

Mass shootings have once again brought the issue into the public debate. The numbers favor those who consider private gun ownership a fundamental right.

The new poll also shows that Americans increasingly prioritize Second Amendment rights over gun control.

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Most Republicans believe that gun ownership should be protected and oppose further regulation (Flickr).
Protecting the right to bear arms is more important than gun control

According to Morning Consult, 48% of Americans consider it more important to protect their Second Amendment rights than to limit gun ownership This trend was up 4 points from the previous survey that was conducted after the El Paso and Dayton shootings.

43% agree that it is more important to protect gun rights.

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For younger Americans, the Second Amendment should be protected over gun control regulations (Flickr)

50 % of Millennials (1981-1996) favor protecting Second Amendment rights, and 40 % are opposed, while 10 % don’t know.

Among GenXers (1965-1980), 52 % are in favor of protecting Second Amendment rights versus 38 % who think gun control is more important. There is also a 10% of undecided respondents.

Regarding men’s defense of the Second Amendment, 52 % consider it important while 40 % oppose it, and 8 % don’t know.

Among women, the margin is closer. Forty-five percent of women favor protecting gun ownership versus 46 percent who think it should be limited.

Young people want the Second Amendment respected

Among young people, gun ownership is more popular. 46 % of Americans between 18 and 34 support it, while 42 % support greater gun control.

Fifty-two percent of Americans between the ages of 35 and 44 oppose gun control, compared to 36% who want more regulation. In both ranges, 12% are undecided.

Rafael Valera, Venezuelan, student of Political Science, political exile in São Paulo, Brazil since 2017 // Rafael Valera, venezolano, es estudiante de Ciencias Políticas y exiliado político en São Paulo, Brasil desde 2017

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