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60 Arrested on Third Day of Black Lives Matter Protests in Minneapolis

60 detenidos

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Hundreds of people turned out last night for the third straight protest called over the police killing of a young black man in Brooklyn Center, a Minneapolis, Minnesota, neighborhood, as prosecutors consider whether to file charges against the officer who authorities say shot him.

Washington County District Attorney Pete Orput said he expects to be able to process Wednesday the indictment against former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter for the shooting that killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright.

“I expect to have a decision on the charges” today, Orput said last night. “I just received the extensive documentation and (when I study it) I will make a decision,” he added.

The officer involved in the event tendered her resignation earlier Tuesday along with the Brooklyn Center police chief following a night of rioting that left some 60 arrested.

Protest rallies have been taking place every night, some of them violent like the one last Monday.

Tuesday’s rally began peacefully, but within minutes chaos broke out near the Brooklyn Center police station.

Officers attempted to contain the violence by using pepper spray, while protesters threw bottles and other projectiles at officers.

After the curfew went into effect at 10 p.m. local time, most of the protesters withdrew and only several dozen remained in the area, while police protected the police station premises.

Minnesota State Patrol Chief Matt Langer said the unified command at Brooklyn Center made “more than 60 arrests” Tuesday night, many of which were for “rioting and other criminal conduct.”

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