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More Than 80 Arrested or Missing in Cuba Following Another Day of Protests

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On Monday, after a historic day of protests, at least 80 people were reported missing in Cuba, according to the Complaint Center of the Fundación para la Democracia Panamericana.

For her part, Cuban journalist and activist Yoani Sanchez, director of the newspaper 14ymedio, affirmed that hundreds of people had been detained and that the regime had carried out a house-to-house search for demonstrators.

Among the missing is visual artist and dissident activist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, leader of the group in favor of freedom of expression in Cuba called Movimiento San Isidro, who called on his followers to join the massive peaceful demonstrations that took place in several locations on the Caribbean island.

“Everyone to the street. I’m going to the seawall no matter what it costs me. Enough of political prisoners, we want democracy. I’m going to the seawall,” said the artist in a video that went viral on social networks.

They also denounced the disappearance of dissident activist José Daniel Ferrer, general coordinator of the largest Cuban opposition group, the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), and who has been a political prisoner of the Castro regime on multiple occasions.

Through Ferrer’s Twitter account, a member of UNPACU denounced that the activist lost communication with his colleagues after the phone he was using to transmit information was “interrupted by the dictatorship”.

Thousands of Cubans spontaneously took to the streets in an unexpected manifestation of their anger against the abuses of the communist dictatorship. Images and denunciations have circulated massively through social networks despite the efforts of the repressive bodies to prevent it.

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