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80% of Nurses Have Left Venezuela

80 % de enfermeras ha emigrado de Venezuela, EFE

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Ana Rosario Contreras, president of the Caracas College of Nurses, reported that 80% of the workers in the guild (120,000) emigrated from Venezuela due to economic and social conditions.

Contreras assured, during a press conference, that there are units that should have 120 nurses, but there are only 1 or 2, according to the digital media El Impulso.

“The administration of Nicolás Maduro has characterized itself as the worst enemy of the Venezuelan working class. A salary of 130 bolivars, which corresponded to 30 dollars in 2022, today has become 5.38 dollars. That is to say, we, the workers, are living in extreme poverty,” she stated.

She noted that in 2023, the Caracas College of Nursing has received 25 applications to practice the profession abroad and that, in this same period, only in the Concepción Palacios Maternity Hospital, 80 resignations have been presented.

She also stated that the humanitarian emergency situation has worsened and that, for this reason, the union has participated in the protests that have taken place in the country in recent weeks to demand fair wages and salaries.  

Contreras recently questioned the possibility of establishing an “emergency salary” that excludes social benefits and other benefits.

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“We could accept bonuses due to the economic crisis, but we will never allow our salary to be called ’emergency salary,’ damaging social and other benefits,” she told Radio Fe y Alegría Noticias.

The trade unionist also rejected the pattern of harassment by state security agencies to demobilize workers who demand decent working and living conditions.