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AmericaFest and POPlitics: A Look into Turning Point’s Genius Idea to Mix Pop Culture, Music, and Politics

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Alex Clark is going where no conservative has gone before. She is merging politics and pop culture in her new show with TPUSA: POPlitics. Today, she joined us here at El American to discuss America Fest—which will be taking place this week from the 18th to the 22nd of December in Phoenix, AZ. America Fest is the first of its kind, merging politics with a concert à la Coachella, but conservative. 

Alex is not just stopping at POPlitics though. She has recently launched another podcast on Apple’s iTunes called Spillover, covering some of those can’t miss headlines! So why is it that this is important? Well, Alex is seeing what many are just now realizing. If we want to take back this country, it starts with the culture wars. The only way to do that is to start engaging in the conversation of pop culture.

Nicki Minaj recently came out in defense of medical freedom but it didn’t just stop there. During our interview, Alex points out the fact that Kat Von D (a Latina) recently moved her entire family out of California because of the crazy overreach of the state government. 

She also pointed out the fact that many Gen Z has woken up to the crazy ideologies of the left because of the pandemic. They are rejecting everything being thrown at them on social media, in Hollywood, and through the education system. Just imagine, if we had the same type of help the left has with a complete monopoly on these things, we would have a very different political climate in this country. 

Watch the insightful interview below:

Make sure to give Alex a follow on social media and if you’re in Phoenix AZ this weekend, check out America Fest at www.tpusa.com/AmericaFest

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