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Can Men Become Women? – Sinceramente

Un hombre no es mujer - Sinceramente

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In the latest issue of the Sinceramente podcast, our editors-in-chief, Vanessa Vallejo and Orlando Avendaño, talk about the controversial issue of transgender individuals and the challenge that society faces with that situation. They talk about the development of the daily life of these people and their participation in various activities, for example in women’s sports.

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To begin with, Vanessa explained that society cannot follow particular beliefs, which go against the rules of nature. In addition, she explained that many people believe that it is no longer possible to disagree with others, but she emphasized that different opinions can be expressed with respect and tolerance.

Orlando agreed on this point and said that unfortunately there is currently no space for debate because digital platforms censor if an opinion contrary to their narratives is issued. He reminded that every opinion lends itself to debate, and it is not about denying rights to anyone.

Sinceramente, what about common sense?

She also referred to the participation of trans women in sports activities dedicated exclusively to women and indicated that rules are built on objective truths, in sports and in any other field.

Both insisted that there must be a certain equality for playing sports, in order to be fair and enjoyable for spectators. For this reason, they stressed that there must be measures for the future of our societies, at a time when there is no room for dissent, not even in the most elementary debates, where common sense should prevail.

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