Abbott ejecuta operativo en la frontera ante la falta de acciones de la Administración Biden para mitigar la crisis

Greg Abbott Launches His Own Border Operation to Mitigate Crisis

The Texas governor said he will continue to increase state resources to “secure the border and address the chaos created by the Biden Administration”

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The governor of the state of Texas, Greg Abbott, sent dozens of vehicles from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to create a “barricade” to try to prevent undocumented immigrants from crossing the border into the United States.

In an interview with Fox News, the Republican governor considered that these walls of vehicles, located at various points along the border, prevent immigrants from “entering the state of Texas.”

In several aerial images shown by the network, a line of DPS vehicles can be seen near the border, creating a kind of barricade.

Abbott assured Fox News that the placement of this barricade has allowed immigrants to stop crossing through this area. “The strategy is working,” he emphasized.

The Republican added that the idea of placing the vehicle barriers is one of the many “unprecedented” measures taken in the face of the increase of immigrants crossing the border undocumented in recent months.

Texas is the state through which the largest number of immigrants are trying to enter the country and has been affected by the growing numbers of undocumented immigrants, not seen in at least 20 years, who are intercepted by border agents.

In a message on his Twitter account Wednesday, Abbott shared two photographs showing DPS personnel and Texas National Guard soldiers stationed next to vehicles parked near the Texas town of Del Rio.

The Republican promised to increase state resources to “secure the border and to address the chaos in Del Rio created by the Biden Administration.”

In the last week some 13,000 migrants, mostly Haitians, camped under the international bridge in the city of Del Rio, waiting for immigration authorities to process their request for asylum or entry into the country.

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