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TX Gov. Abbott Accuses Biden of Defunding ICE

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The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, held Joe Biden responsible for the death of more than 50 migrants found inside a truck in San Antonio. In addition, he accused him of lying about the immigration policies that the Democratic administration has taken to address illegal human trafficking.

“Biden said is he doing everything possible to stop human smuggling. That’s a lie. He has stopped doing everything that had been done to address human smuggling. He has defunded and inadequately funded Border Patrol,” Abbott said in remarks picked up by Fox News.

Gov. Abbott calls for enforcement of the law

Governor Abbott added: “He has dismantled ICE. He has eliminated all of the border security efforts that were put in place by President Trump. It was just a year-and-a half ago when we had the most secure border in decades, and today we have a worse human smuggling problem than ever before.”

Abbott insisted that the Biden administration needs to enforce the laws. “These people who lost their lives, they did so because President Biden has empowered and emboldened the cartels to do exactly what you saw happen. It’s a tragedy, and it’s not going to stop until Biden begins to enforce the laws passed by Congress and the United States of America.”

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