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The Idiocy of the Week: BLM Activist Buys $40,000 Dog


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WHAT BLM activist Shaun King could have used the donation money for is so outlandish that it takes El American’s Idiocy of the Week award.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Shaun King reportedly spent more than $40,000 from donations to his Grassroots Law Political Action Committee to purchase a pedigree dog as a family pet.

While the payment doesn’t appear to be illegal, it should make his donors wonder if the purchase of a fancy dog is the most appropriate destination for their money. His organization, from the BLM milieu, claims to be committed to reducing mass incarceration and police violence.

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Perhaps it would have been more appropriate for him to buy a pedigreed cat since at least felines are not regular police collaborators. Cats can be very obnoxious, but I’ve never seen one snitching to the police that someone has drugs on them.

Besides, we all know that there is the K9 Patrol, but not even Netflix or Disney — so concerned about diversity and representation — have made a series of Feline Patrol. There must be a reason. Point to the cats.

Moreover, for someone like Shaun King, who makes race and privilege central to his rhetoric, it doesn’t seem the right thing to have chosen to buy a purebred dog when he could have adopted other less privileged dogs that are systematically abandoned and discriminated against because they are not the right breed.

BLM activist Shaun King’s explanations

In his defense, Shaun King claimed that the purchase of the dog was for security reasons, because despite the $40,000 spent, it was cheaper than hiring human security.

idiotez semana shaun king blm

Marz the dog, in a post on Instagram by Shaun King.

Perhaps it is all an elaborate experiment for the Defund the Police movement, which might consider proposing that all human police officers be replaced by K9 units. We all know they are less racist, because they don’t see in color; cheaper and more productive, because they work like dogs; and they can’t shoot happily, because they lack elongated fingers and opposable thumbs.

If it was an experiment it doesn’t seem to have been too successful, as Shaun King may well have returned the dog to the seller. A few weeks after the now-deleted Instagram post of Shaun King welcoming the “new member of the King family,” the same dog could be seen again in another social media post by the seller.

King’s post, which either went private or was deleted, claims that the dog had too much energy to be a family dog. Well, that’s Shaun King’s version, you’d have to hear the dog side of the story, maybe it was the dog who couldn’t stand his owner’s stuff.

Another thing Shaun King has vowed is “to return the pain back to those that have hurt his family,” in revenge for blowing the whistle on the dog’s purchase. That’s what he assured in an Instagram post, in his usual thuggish tone, in which he defended himself like a cat on its belly. We’ll see what happens with these threats because we know that a barking dog never bites.

While we wait to see if BLM and its associates will once again be involved in the umpteenth scandal of dubious use of their donation money, Shaun King wins El American’s Idiocy of the Week award.

Ignacio Manuel García Medina, Business Management teacher. Artist and lecturer specialized in Popular Culture for various platforms. Presenter of the program "Pop Libertario" for the Juan de Mariana Institute. Lives in the Canary Islands, Spain // Ignacio M. García Medina es profesor de Gestión de Empresas. Es miembro del Instituto Juan de Mariana y conferenciante especializado en Cultura Popular e ideas de la Libertad.

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