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Rep. Adam Kinzinger Blasted After Blaming Pompeo, Trump for Biden’s Afghanistan Debacle

Adam Kinzinger blames Pompeo and Trump for Afghanistan debacle and doesn't come off well

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Ever since Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a Republican, voted in favor of the second impeachment of then-outgoing President Donald Trump, his relationship with his own party has not been the same. Following his announcement that he would be leaving his seat early next year and hinting at a possible presidential run for 2024, he had an interesting exchange with Mike Pompeo on Twitter.

Joining the House of Representatives in 2011, Kinzinger had voted along the Trump administration 90% of the time, the problems began, however, in early 2020 and worsened after the presidential election.

On this occasion, he was in the news for holding both the former president and Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State, responsible for the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which happened under Joe Biden.

Kinzinger, Pompeo and the withdrawal from Afghanistan

“Do not let my colleagues pretend today that Trump and Pompeo didn’t set in motion the Afghanistan withdrawal. They did. I knew Pompeo in the house. He was a hawk on Afghanistan until trump. He knew better, he owns this as well. Trump Pompeo and Biden all to blame”, wrote the congressman on his Twitter account.

Of course, the comment would remain unanswered and it was Mike Pompeo who took up the challenge and came out to contradict his former colleague.

“Adam Kinzinger repeatedly asked me for job in Trump Admin (Air Force Sec, Amb), and for wife. Now attacks our Afghan plan that saw no US fatalities/no Taliban takeover/no Americans left behind. Adam, I enjoyed our work in Congress. What’s happened to you? YOU should know better”, Pompeo replied.

After falling out with Trump, the lawmaker founded Country First, a political action committee (PAC) that seeks to move the Republican Party away from the 45th president. He is also a member of the January 6 Committee and a staunch supporter of disgraced Rep. Liz Cheney.

“The bottom line is, I think this is sending a very strong message that this isn’t your dad’s Republican party anymore. This isn’t a party that’s committed to truth. (…) That’s very frightening”, expressed after Harriet Hageman’s landslide victory in Wyoming.

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