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Afghan Family Says 10 Family Members Died in U.S. Drone Strike

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An Afghan family claimed that ten of its members were killed in an American drone strike in Kabul. The information was reported by The New York Times and detailed that allegedly seven of them were children.

The events that took place still generate confusion. This is due to the fact that the Taliban have ruled out that they were killed by the American attack.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Defense reported on Monday that it is investigating the possibility that ten Afghan civilians died on Sunday as a result of an American attack with a drone on an alleged vehicle of the terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS).

The family history behind the American drone strike in Kabul

The NYT told the story of Zemari Ahmadi, a charity worker who was coming home from work, and when his family’s children ran to the car to greet him the vehicle exploded.

The event was confirmed by an Afghan official. “Mr. Ahmadi and some of the children died inside his car; others were mortally wounded in adjacent rooms, family members said. An Afghan official confirmed that three of the dead children were taken by ambulance from the house on Sunday,” the media outlet reported.

Meanwhile, deputy chief of staff for logistics Gen. Hank Taylor told a news conference that U.S. forces in Afghanistan conducted a drone strike on a vehicle “known to be an imminent threat” from ISIS on Sunday.

From Kabul, several Taliban sources consulted by EFE news agency assured that the civilian casualties were caused by the impact of projectiles targeting the airport, without clarifying the authorship, and indicated that it is not related to the American drone strike in Kabul.

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