Apple dejará de fabricar iPods y saldrán del mercado luego de más de 20 años

After 20 Years, Apple Says Goodbye to iPods

Apple’s first digital music player known as iPod was introduced at the Apple Music Event in October 2001

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The technology giant Apple announced on Tuesday the end of the manufacture of the iPod, a line of portable music players launched in 2001, and that has lost popularity with the development of other types of devices.

The company explained in a statement that the latest iPod touch, the most recent iPod model, will continue to be available while supplies last.

Apple said that for more than 20 years the iPod has captivated users around the world who love the ability to carry music with them wherever they go, but this feature is now present in other products of the company, such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac.

Apple’s first digital music player known as iPod was introduced at the Apple Music Event held in October 2001.

The first iPods had a capacity of 5 and 10 gigabytes and their modern design was combined with high playback quality.

But the genius idea behind the invention was its linkage to an online song store, the iTunes Store, which made Apple a multimedia content provider.

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Apple launched the latest iPod touch model in 2019, to which it added the functions of a smartphone, but without calls and text messages, which differentiated it from the iPhone, with 32- and 128-gigabit capacities.

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