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AMLO’s Suspicious Silence on the Death of Federico Gertz

Alejandra Cuevas

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Alejandro Gertz Manero is Mexico’s attorney general. The death of his brother in 2015 has become a story full of irregularities and crossed accusations between Gertz and the family of Alejandra Cuevas, daughter of his brother’s partner, Laura Morán.

Cuevas has been in jail since October 2020 accused of the alleged murder of Federico Gertz. However, in conversation with El American, her son, Alonso Castillo Cuevas, assured that this is a case of revenge and blackmail about which the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has remained silent.

Everything has been going on since 2015, when the current prosecutor accused Laura Morán, Alejandra’s mother —who was the partner of the prosecutor’s brother for almost 50 years— of murder. In that complaint also appeared their daughters Alejandra and Laura, who didn’t live with them and who also did not make decisions about Federico’s health.

“The prosecutor uses the FGR to persecute us, he demanded us to incriminate us with a crime that he fabricated, he threatened us and required meetings with Juan Ramos. 310 days with my mother in jail without having committed a crime,” Castillo Cuevas wrote on Twitter.

According to the attorney general, his brother’s wife and his daughter did nothing in the face of Federico Gertz’s deterioration, which is why he assured that this led to his death.

Alonso Castillo explained that Federico Gertz Manero began to have health problems. At that time he lived alone with his wife. However, Castillo maintained that the prosecutor took care of everything that had to do with his brother’s health and the medical team that took care of him.

After his mother’s arrest in October 2020, Castillo indicates that they have tried to establish communication with the prosecutor, but have been unsuccessful. On the contrary, he says that agreements that had been reached have not been fulfilled.

In addition, he pointed out that they were being demanded an amount of money and that his grandmother renounce all inheritance and pension in order to be able to release his mother. In this sense, he described the measure as a kidnapping, since he states that they did not receive any arrest warrant.

Alejandra Cuevas’ son has denounced irregularities in the case. (Image: Twitter)

It’s corruption, denounces Alejandra Cuevas’ grandson

Through social networks, Alonso has also denounced the case and has assured that they have been threatened and blackmailed by those who exercise justice in Mexico: “The prosecutor uses the FGR to persecute us, he demanded us to incriminate us with a crime that he fabricated, he threatened us.”

Meanwhile, the prosecutor stated that he would not be intimidated by “extortions and false accusations against him.”

In spite of the family’s efforts, no way has been found to solve the situation. In fact, this Sunday, Alonso shared an image showing the deterioration of his grandmother. He insisted that justice must be served.

“Gertz Manero, it will remain in the collective conscience the damage you have caused to Mexico, you will not escape history,” he said.

This is a denunciation that does not only concern Alejandra’s relatives. Public personalities have echoed the situation.

This week, Mexican journalist Ricardo Raphael detailed for The Washington Post a series of cases involving Mexico’s attorney general and the government, in which due process has not been complied with. Among them, he mentions the case of Alejandra Cuevas.

“Unfortunately, this institution has not accredited its autonomy from power, nor impartiality or neatness when integrating the investigation files under its responsibility, especially those that are marked by political interests,” wrote the journalist.

Similarly, Saskia Niño de Rivera, activist and founder of Reinserta —a non-profit organization that seeks to break the circles of crime to improve Mexico’s security— also dedicated her space in El Universal de México to refer to Alejandra Cuevas.

Niño de Rivera said that Alejandra’s story leads to a constant reflection of so many cases she has seen in the criminal justice system, “where justice is used as a bargaining chip for those who have the fortune, power and money to use the state apparatus in their favor.”

AMLO proposed Alejandro Gertz Manero for Attorney General of the Republic, a position he has held since January 18, 2019, for a term that will end in 2027.

In the midst of all this, the AMLO Government has not officially stated its position. The only person who has issued any comment has been the Prosecutor himself through messengers to the media.

Despite this scenario that plays against him, Alonso Castillo Cuevas continues to insist. In the social networks he tells the story of his mother, who is still detained, and mentioning different personalities of the political and social life of Mexico, hoping to obtain the freedom of Alejandra Cuevas, or at least some response.

Williams Perdomo es periodista y escritor, especializado en las fuentes Política y Cultura.

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