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Mayorkas Slammed for Falsely Claiming Biden’s Border Crisis Was ‘Effectively Managed’

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Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, assured on Wednesday that, in his opinion, Joe Biden’s administration has managed the border crisis “effectively.” He acknowledged they have faced numerous illegal migrants.

“We inherited a broken and dismantled system that is already under strain. It is not built to manage the current levels and types of migratory flows. Only Congress can fix this. Yet, we have effectively managed an unprecedented number of non-citizens seeking to enter the United States,” Mayorkas said.

The Homeland Security Secretary also indicated that an increase in immigration flows is expected if Title 42, which the Joe Biden administration wants to eliminate, is lifted. Mayorkas’ statements come at a time of debate over the Democratic administration’s handling of the border crisis.

Pressure on Alejandro Mayorkas

Yesterday it became known that the GOP is preparing an impeachment against Mayorkas. According to Axios, “the largest body of conservative House members — the Republican Study Committee, which represents more than 150 members — is laying the groundwork to push for the impeachment of  Homeland Security Secretary.”

The information is being released after top House Republicans questioned, in a letter on Monday, the job Mayorkas has done. They asserted that his actions have put Americans at risk.

“His failure to secure the border and enforce the laws passed by Congress raises grave questions about his suitability for office,” said the letter that was reviewed by El American.

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