Alex Otaola: Biden castiga al exilio cubano por votar republicano | Lo Que Importa

Cuban Influencer Alex Otaola Slams Biden for Betraying Latinos, Easing Cuban Sanctions, and Inflation

For the activist, the Democrats have already lost Florida for the next elections.

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In this installment of the Lo Que Importa podcast, our co-editor-in-chief, Vanessa Vallejo, held an exclusive conversation with Cuban exile leader in the U.S., Alex Otaola, about how Joe Biden’s policies towards Latin America affect the Hispanic community.

The Cuban commentator believes that the Biden administration’s recent decision to ease sanctions on the Castro dictatorship is a “political settling of scores” for a Cuban exile community that is increasingly critical of the government.

“Biden’s easing of sanctions doesn’t help the Cuban people, it does not benefit any ordinary Cuban,” Otaola said. “What Biden does with these measures is a political settling of scores with the Cuban exile, who didn’t vote for him and is active in demonstrating that the Democrats’ lousy management is putting democracy, freedoms, and security in the United States at risk.”

Otaola considers that Biden and the Democrats “have accepted defeat” in the state of Florida in the next elections, given the increase of young people (especially Latinos) who have migrated to the Republican Party, disappointed by the Democratic management.

In that sense, it seems to the activist that Biden’s rapprochement towards the Castro dictatorship in Cuba is a kind of retaliation against the Cubans who today massively reject him, inside and outside the United States.

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