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Álex Ubago and Andy y Lucas Against Wokeness?

We must break the silence and stop allowing art to become a racket of intimidation and brainwashing.

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Unfortunately, the field of arts and culture is subjected to the “single thought” of the “Revolution” and of the Left in general. This happens in the economic and political fields too. And it is not exclusive to a particular country (it is common in Europe as well as in America).

It is common to find comments in favor of gender totalitarianism, multiculturalism, eco-socialism (i.e. environmentalism) and abortion. They also openly support collectivist candidates, and despite contradictions, they may criticize market freedom.

A recent example is Lady Gaga, a famous American singer and songwriter, who went so far as to declare that capitalism (understood as a market economy) tends to destroy women (meaning the so-called “patriarchy,” which is a cliché of “progressive androphobia”). The artist implied that earning a large sum of money meant that she was being destroyed as a person and as a woman.

Díaz-Canel’s Wife: Behind an Upcoming Music Festival

From April 5 to April 10, Cuba will host an edition of the San Remo Song Festival, under the auspices of Lis Cuesta, wife of dictator Miguel Diaz-Canel. In principle, it would be interesting for any artist who “had the opportunity” to participate in the festival. The public would enjoy their songs and they would have the possibility of having more economic gains in the current year. However, courage and moral honor are always more important.

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Álex Ubago and duo Andy y Lucas refuse to participate in the event

Álex Ubago from the Basque Country and Andy and Lucas from Cadiz have opposed participating in the festival. Both have made it clear that they cannot support a dictatorship that has political prisoners and, effectively, causes child malnutrition. (Let’s remember that in Cuban supermarkets, shortages of basic goods and harsh commercial rationing are the order of the day).

Una gesta contra la corriente “woke”

We can say that in the cultural sphere, the dominant narrative of wokeism (I insist that it has nothing to do with private property and the free market inasmuch as these depend on a healthy moral order) has lost ground. The Spanish singers have made an honorable gesture. They have had the courage to stand up against what could be an image clean-up of another sinister communist regime.

In addition, it helps to stop the widespread lie that “Cuban health care is the best in America,” when in fact, Cubans try to emigrate to Florida or cross the ocean to reach other countries in the region.

So, in this small halo of light, we must break the silence and stop allowing art to become a racket of intimidation and brainwashing of the collectivist and problematic “Revolution.”

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