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Amazon Pulls Bestseller Opposing Surgery for Transgender Children

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Three years after Ryan Anderson’s best-selling book “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement” was published, Amazon pulled it from its cyber shelves.

The book’s author told Newsweek that he discovered his book had disappeared from Amazon, the company’s Kindle e-reader, the Audible podcast service and used book sellers. He stressed that neither he nor his publisher were notified of the decision and the company has offered no explanation.

“I hope you’ve already bought your copy, because Amazon just removed my book ‘When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement’ from its cyber shelves,” Anderson wrote in a Feb. 21 tweet.

In 2018, the book reached number one on two of Amazon’s bestseller lists even before its release.

“We need to respect the dignity of people who identify as transgender,” Anderson argues in the book, “but without encouraging children to undergo experimental transition treatments, and without trampling on the needs and interests of others.”

The book disappeared at about the same time Anderson published an op-ed in the New York Post criticizing a bill pushed by the Biden administration that would insert sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Anderson’s case is not the first time Amazon appears to have censored this issue. Last year, journalist Abigail Shrier said Amazon refused paid advertising for her book, “Irreversible Harm: Transgender Fashion Seducing Our Daughters.”

Big Tech has for years censored those who oppose the new mandates of progressivism on sexual, environmental, racial and political issues in order to appease the demands of left-wing activists.

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