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Amazon to Vaccinate Employees in Company Warehouses

The e-commerce company is the second largest employer in the United States, with nearly 1,300,000 workers

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Amazon will begin vaccinating its employees against covid-19 in the very warehouses where they work, a move that will begin in the coming weeks and will further accelerate the rapid rollout of the vaccination process in the country, the company said on Thursday.

The e-commerce company is the second-largest employer in the United States, with nearly 1.3 million workers, behind only Walmart’s more than two million, and has a presence in virtually every corner of the country.

In a post on its corporate blog, the company indicated that the first states in which the vaccinations will be carried out are Missouri, Nevada and Kansas, although the company’s idea is to subsequently extend it to the entire Union.

In addition, the company headed by Jeff Bezos revealed that it will pay 80 dollars to those workers who at the moment do not have access to a vaccination point offered by the company itself, but who manage to get vaccinated elsewhere on their own.

This last measure is a way to encourage the rapid vaccination of all its workers and thus avoid problems such as those experienced over the last year when several of its plants and warehouses in the country had to temporarily stop operating due to outbreaks of covid-19.

The Seattle firm has seen its activity and profits soar due to the pandemic and the consequent increase in e-commerce.

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