«Nadie hizo más por la familia americana que Trump»: Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kimberly Guilfoyle: Trump ‘Earned the Latino Vote’

Trump’s former advisor said that the former Republican president’s pro-freedom message resonated powerfully within the Latino community

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During the Student Action Summit 2021 (#SAS2021) organized by Turning Point USA in Tampa, Florida, El American Chief Correspondent Anna Paulina Luna spoke with television personality and former Donald Trump advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Anna Paulina Luna interviews Kimberly Guilfoyle at SAS 2021.

Guilfoyle believes that former President Trump, with his conservative and pro-individual liberties message, was able to positively influence the Latino community in the United States. “I think he truly earned their [Latino] vote,” Guilfoyle said, noting that what Latinos saw in Trump was precisely his defense of traditional values.

“He’s been the best president for religious liberty and freedom,” she added. “He understands the family values that many Latinos aspire to culturally: going to church, making sure the focus is on the family and on great education.”

For Guilfoyle, the example Donald Trump set for Latino voters was that of a defender of freedom and patriotism, something that resonated powerfully with the community given his “dedication” as a patriot, and that his defense of family tradition was “the most important thing” Latinos identified in his campaign.

“Actually, he was coming to them and telling them, I’m someone that actually represents and feels the same way as you do about the American dream, the quality of opportunity, the will to work hard for the results,” Guilfoyle said, adding that “no one’s done more for American families than President Trump.”

This is part of a series of interviews that El American staff held at SAS 2021 with several conservatives who have made it their goal to defend Americans’ freedom.

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