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El American Libre: The Radical Left is the Vanguard of the Democratic Party

El American Libre: La vanguardia del Partido Demócrata es la izquierda radical

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More and more progressive measures are being promoted in the United States. Because of this, Pablo Kleinman analyzes in El American Libre the rise of radical leftists in the Democratic Party and how this would influence the next elections.

In his analysis, Kleinman explains that the only way the different ideological currents within the party have managed to coexist has been with charismatic leaders such as John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, or Bill Clinton. However, he says this is currently not the case, which could affect the stability of the Democrats.

Kleinman that there is a wing of that party that defines itself as progressive when in reality its proposals and ideas are Marxist: “Joe Biden has zero charisma and it is precisely his lack of an inspirational element that has curiously provided a minimum of tranquility in the face of the succession of completely extreme policies that are being carried out in his name. Today, the vanguard of the Democratic Party is the left that has appropriated the word progress to define itself, although the proper word would be Marxism.”

Hardline socialists in the Democratic Party

Similarly, he pointed out that the majority of Americans do not agree with the progressive measures recently promoted by these groups. For this reason, he foresees difficulties for the Democrats in an upcoming election, since “they are following very unpopular policies, according to the latest opinion polls.”

Kleinman argued that “The policy agenda that the Biden administration is advancing includes many of the goals of the left-wing of the party. That wing of the party that could not win an election, which is why the party establishment twice prevented Bernie Sanders from prevailing.”

He claims that the only way for the current administration to achieve an electoral triumph by pushing these policies would be through a rigged electoral process and that some are already looking for mechanisms to make that happen.

“The political program of the current government would not allow the Democratic Party to win the next presidential elections. Unless, of course, they manage to rig the democratic process. And don’t think it isn’t trying.”

He added that “the loyalty of Democratic voters depends on the party’s reputation as a dispenser of goodies and purported redistributor of wealth.”

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