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Education, Technology and Other Ways Progressivism Takes Over the West: El American Live

Educación, tecnología y otras formas en las que el progresismo se toma Occidente: El American Live

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Progressivism continues to take space. That’s why Vanessa Vallejo, co-editor-in-chief of El American, talks with Miklos Lukacs, professor and researcher on how leftist ideas have been influencing the West through education and technology.

Lukacs explained that the problem is that Big Tech has accumulated so much power that it is doing a lot of damage. However, he stressed that “it would be an act of meanness to say that they have done nothing good. Big Tech brought us tools that are very useful to us today.”

Education, technology, and other ways progressivism is taking over the West: El American Live.

El American Live and the foundations of freedom

Vallejo agreed with Lukacs and highlighted that political power is no longer about a president but about Big Tech, which is clearly married to the Democratic Party. “Social networks have become an absolute nightmare for anyone who wants to say something different,” she noted.

Finally, Professor Lukacs indicated that what lies behind such censorship is an attack on the foundations of American freedom.

“There are different ways to end a society and one of them is by hyper fragmenting them. That’s why you have Black Lives Matter and gender studies,” he said.

This is just a summary of this week’s El American Live. In this space, Vanessa Vallejo brings together the most important intellectuals and political actors of our time to analyze current affairs. El American Live offers raw, direct analysis, completely free from the shackles of political correctness and the censorship of the ‘woke’ culture. Every Tuesday, at 7 pm ET, El American readers have a meeting with the truth.

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