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Americans Believe Biden to Blame For High Inflation

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A poll, released Monday, revealed that voters believe Joe Biden is responsible for inflation in the U.S. 39% of respondents said the Democrat is to blame for the economic situation. Meanwhile, 17.7% say that former President Donald Trump is responsible.

Similarly, the poll also showed that some voters feel that Congress is to blame for the rise in inflation: 14.4% blame the current one and 10.9% blame the previous one.

The Trafalgar Group poll was conducted between June 6 and 7, was answered by 1,073 people, had a 95% confidence level, and a margin of error of 2.99%.

Rise of inflation in the U.S.

According to the Daily Caller, the consumer price index rose 0.6% in March, while prices of goods, such as gasoline, increased 9.1% during the same period.

inflation in the U.S. - El American
The consumer price index rose 0.6% in March. (Flickr)

The Wall Street Journal reported this month that the Labor Department said May’s increase in the consumer price index was the largest since August 2008, when it rose 5.4%.

The underlying price index, which excludes the often-volatile categories of food and energy, rose 3.8 % during the same month from a year earlier, the biggest increase since June 1992.

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