‘We Are Frustrated by the Lack of Action’: Relatives of Americans Imprisoned in Venezuela Send Letter to Joe Biden

Among those arrested are the six former directors of Citgo, a Venezuelan oil subsidiary based in the United States

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“We are frustrated by the lack of action.” So stated, in a letter sent to Joe Biden, the relatives of nine Americans who are imprisoned in Venezuela by the regime of Nicolás Maduro.

The Americans arrested in that country correspond to two military personnel linked to the so-called Operation Gideon; one accused of a sabotage plan against the Amuay and Cardon refineries; as well as six former executives of Citgo, a Venezuelan oil subsidiary established in the United States.

The former Citgo executives had been released from prison under house arrest on April 30. But Chavismo took them back to prison this weekend. Yesterday, Sunday, the US government requested the “immediate release” of the six former executives of the Venezuelan company.

However, the relatives are demanding greater efforts from the Democratic administration.

They are asking for solutions for those imprisoned in Venezuela

In the text, sent to Biden, the relatives of the nine American citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of action by the White House regarding the situation of their relatives: Jose Pereira Ruimwyk, Jose Luis Zambrano, Alirio Jose Zambrano, Jorge Toledo, Tomeu Vadell, Gustavo Cardenas, Matthew Heath, Luke Denman and Airan Berry.

“We are frustrated by the lack of action… Those in-charge of returning wrongfully detained Americans have not even taken the basic first step of directly engaging with the Venezuelans holding our loved ones,” the missive reads.

The family members explained that they do not know why the Democratic administration has not initiated talks or acted to secure the release of the detainees.

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