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Americans Back Companies Opposed to Vaccine Mandates

Americanos respaldan a empresas que no obligan a empleados a vacunarse

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The employee vaccine mandate has begun to drive a wedge in society. A growing number of people oppose mandatory vaccinations and support companies that choose not to go along with the measure pushed by Joe Biden from the White House.

Anthony Cabassa, field correspondent for El American, took to the streets of California to ask citizens if they agreed with In-N-Out Burger, which announced it would not join in forcing its employees to be vaccinated. The questions were asked specifically in Glendale County, in one of this company’s franchises.

In fact, El American found several people rallying against the vaccine mandate and showing their support for the restaurant. 

“Totally agree with that. All businesses should question whether government mandates are legal enough. So yes, I agree with what they are saying,” said one respondent.

Another added, “I totally agree with that. I support small businesses. I think it’s really the Federal Government’s job to protect the citizen, not to protect itself.” 

Support for those who don’t go along with vaccine mandate

Citizens also explained that they support businesses that have allowed citizens not to wear masks, if they chose not to. Therefore, they insist that they will support those that allow their employees to freely decide if they want to be vaccinated.

After the mandate for obligatory employee vaccinations became known, a poll was released by the Convention of States Action and The Trafalgar Group, one of the most accurate pollsters in the 2016, 2018, and 2020 elections. It noted that 56.1 percent of citizens support efforts by governors to oppose the mandate for obligatory vaccination of employees in private companies.

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