Amid Political Fiascos, Biden’s Infrastructure Bill to Become Law

As Biden celebrates the passing of his infrastructure bill, it is imperative for us to understand the burden that this wasteful bill will place on the American taxpayer

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Biden has some good news amid the political nightmares he has faced in recent weeks. The infrastructure bill that had already passed the Senate received the green light Friday in the House after tough negotiations between progressive and moderate Democrats.

In addition, as part of the deal between moderates and progressives, the House agreed to remove a procedural hurdle for Biden’s $1.75 trillion social spending bill. Progressives voted for the infrastructure bill and, in return, moderates would commit to voting for the spending bill if it is within certain cost guidelines.

Those of us who believe in the benefits of liberalism know that it is an absurd idea to waste this amount of money in an economy already experiencing inflation, product, and worker shortages.

For Biden, this is good news and will falsely tell Americans that there will be more money to spread around and generate jobs. The problem is that in the long term, all Americans will suffer the consequences of this wasteful spending. There is no free lunch. You, the American taxpayer, will pay for this bill.

Every way you look at it, Biden is having a hard time: the unforgettable and deadly Afghan disaster, border crisis, inflation, product shortages, a painful and historic defeat in Virginia, and a series of fights over forcing companies to fire non-vaccinated workers.

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Bad times are opportunities for reflection. The Democratic Party must move away from the extreme left, for its own sake, but above all for the good of the country.

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