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Why Is Ana Navarro On TV? Yelling and Nagging Is All She Does

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WE ALL REMEMBER how TV pundit Ana Navarro — a Republican, supposedly — was mocked last month by right-wing Twitter after she had a mental breakdown on national television when she used her disabled brother and step-granddaughter (who has down syndrome) as examples of why abortion should not be outlawed.

That video (and other comments that have made Navarro trend) make one wonder why is Ana Navarro on TV? What exactly does Ana Navarro do? What is her talent? What attributes does she offer to the American public? Any time we hear about her is because she is either ranting against Trump, Republicans—oh, and their mothers too.

Unfortunately, Navarro doesn’t offer any thought-provoking analysis or commentary about any topic.

When she is not acting overtly emotional, she is screaming at whoever she debates, or offering angry or child-like behavior, including filing her nails during a CNN debate over border security with Steve Cortes.

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Her Wikipedia biography says that she worked for several GOP officials (including Jeb Bush and John McCain)… She has openly endorsed Democrats, including — wait for it — the infamous Andrew Gillum. In a CNN op-ed, Navarro said she liked Gillum because, unlike DeSantis, Gillum offered an “inspirational message of unity and a brighter future together.”

Gillum sure does love unity, going as far as hosting crystal meth-filled hotel parties with a male escort cheating on his wife.

Here’s the truth: Ana Navarro is just a pawn for cable news. She is the typical Republican who hates Trump and aligns herself with the left-wing criticism of the GOP and Trumpism, all in an effort to portray herself as morally or intellectually superior.

She is the OG anti-Trump “Republican.” A RINO (Republican In Name Only), who offers nothing but mediocre political commentary. Similar to Alyssa Farah who, as I reported last week, suddenly had an anti-Trump awakening after the 2020 election. Is it a moral awakening or a fame-seeking plot? The latter sounds more like it.

I wrote in my commentary on Caitlyn Jenner, the GOP’s own trans commentator, that cable news uses personalities — particularly minorities — to generate buzz and perpetuate a political talking point. Caitlyn Jenner is Fox News’ anti-Gender Theory mouthpiece. Similarly, Candance Owens pushes back against BLM. This is also true of Ana Navarro. She is the mainstream media’s anti-Trump Latina Republican, who without Trump, would probably be unemployed and certainly not on TV.

Both Navarro and Farah, without their anti-Trump rhetoric, would be nobodies. Similar to CNN and MSNBC, Navarro increased her profile and status by offering hostile, non-original talking points against Trump—and regardless of how much money she gets paid to be on TV, she can thank both Trump and her nagging for it all.