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Andrew Cuomo to Be Questioned by Prosecutors in Sexual Harassment Probe

This questioning is a sign that the investigation, which has been ongoing for four months, could be in its final phase

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to be questioned this Saturday by investigators from the region’s Attorney General’s Office in connection with sexual harassment allegations made against him by several women earlier this year, The New York Times reported Thursday.

The media outlet, which cites two sources familiar with the matter, notes that this questioning is a sign that the investigation, which has been ongoing for four months, could be in its final phase.

Attorneys Joon Kim and Anne Clark, independent counsel hired to conduct the inquiries ordered by New York Attorney General Letitia James, plan to question Cuomo in Albany, the New York state capital, after spending months gathering information about the alleged sexual harassment reported by the women, most of whom worked for the governor.

In recent weeks, they have also questioned top officials in Cuomo’s administration, as well as reviewed a large volume of documents, including emails and text messages.

Once Kim and Clark’s investigation is concluded, a report is expected to be made public, the contents of which could seriously affect the political career of Cuomo, who is going through the most turbulent moment of his 10-year administration.

Although Cuomo has repeatedly defended his innocence, last March, as sexual harassment allegations against him mounted, a long list of his party colleagues called for his resignation, but the governor said he would not leave his post until the allegations were investigated.

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The findings could also affect other investigations being conducted by a New York State Assembly Judiciary Committee, which also aims to delve into the cause of the high number of nursing home deaths during the worst of the pandemic in the Big Apple in the spring of 2020.

The questioning of Cuomo, 63, suggests that the investigations ordered by James are in their final stages, but so far there is no date for the end of the inquiries, and it is unknown when the report will be released.

Ten women have publicly accused the governor of sexual harassment or misconduct, ranging from kisses on the cheeks described as “very sexual” to touching breasts.

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