We Must Celebrate and Embrace Life: Andrew Pletzer, founder of Atlas Life

We Must Celebrate and Embrace Life: Andrew Pletzer, founder of Atlas Life

The American veteran served for the U.S. Navy and recently presented his project that considered as a pro-life network

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During the Student Action Summit 2021, an event organized by Turning Point USA, our chief correspondent Anna Paulina Luna spoke with Andrew Pletzer, founder of the Atlas Life platform, a social network for conservative voices in the United States.

Anna Paulina Luna with Andrew Pletzer.

Pletzer is a disabled veteran who served in the U.S. Navy and recently presented his project, which he describes as a pro-life, censorship-free network.

“I started to dabble into the development of software. And recently, I just came out an online social media platform for conservative voices and for those who want online social freedom,” he said during the interview for El American.

For the Atlas Life founder, life is to be celebrated and embraced, and it is one of the goals of his platform, that conservatives who visit the platform will identify with it.

“We embrace life and that’s why we added the name Atlas Life to the software platform, because life is important, life is there to celebrate and embrace it,” he said.

When asked by Anna Paulina Luna if he felt that platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram somehow suppressed citizens, Pletzer said, “We’re seeing that people want to speak out and they want to embrace life and they want to embrace family and community. They have to speak out, it’s our nature to connect and share and embrace each other’s values.”

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Andrew Pletzer’s interview for El American took place during the event held by Turning Point USA.

You can watch all the interviews on our El American YouTube channel.

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