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Anna Paulina Luna: Democrats Use the Media to Lie to Americans

El American’s chief correspondent argued that Democrats don’t really solve problems.

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Anna Pualina Luna, chief correspondent for El American, spoke about the border crises and discussed how Democrats use the media to mislead Americans and generate discussions that are not really important.

The U.S. border is facing an unprecedented immigration crisis. In fact, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported last Thursday that in March migrant arrests at the border reached their highest level in 20 years, with an increase in March of 71% compared to February.

Luna explained that the same people who have called for open borders now remain silent: “You have the same people really quiet about the 600 migrant children who are coming to border every day. The thousands that are now being put into government facilities.”

Likewise, she argued that the crisis at the border has been generated because the Democratic Party made promises to the migrants that in reality will not be fulfilled. For Anna Paulina, if the Democrats did not promise such amnesty, citizens would not decide to take the path to such a difficult migration.

The journalist argued that Democrats make false promises to migrants in the media. (Image: EFE)

“These people are to blame. For all those Hispanic Americans out there who think you are so woke and think they’re doing something right for your community, let me tell you something: the most targeted demographic to human trafficking are Hispanic migrant women,” Luna said.

Using the media to deceive

Luna also argued that the leaders of the Democratic Party don’t care about the welfare of Americans, but are only interested in maintaining their political control and power, even if they have to make promises they won’t keep in order to get it.

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“They don’t care about those people that are coming here. In fact, they don’t care about those people and they don’t care about South America, that is a destabilized region. All this people care about is power. And that’s exactly why they use the media to essentially lie to the American people to pit Hispanics against white Americans. To pit Hispanics people against people who didn’t want necessarily to have open borders. It was never about facing this problem.”

Likewise, she assured that if instead of talking about race they would dedicate themselves to solving the problem, they would run out of discourse to continue in politics and argued that “maybe that’s why they talk about race.”

In that sense, Anna Paulina also criticized that vice-president Kamala Harris, who was delegated by Biden to solve the border crisis, still has not visited the place to look for a solution.

“This woman is supposed to be representing minority women, she’s nowhere to be found. Kamala Harris is not a good vice-president. In fact, she’s completely opposite of that. And she’s embarrassing on the world’s stage. And that’s what we’re left with.”

Anna Paulina Luna
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