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Anna Paulina Luna Joins El American as Chief Correspondent, Advisory Board Member

Anna Paulina Luna Joins El American as Chief Correspondent, Advisory Board Member

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The Editorial Board is delighted to confirm that conservative commentator and media personality Anna Paulina Luna has agreed to join El American as Chief Correspondent and Member of the Advisory Board.

Before entering politics, Luna served for six years in the military, for which she later received the Air Force Achievement medal. In 2018, she turned down a place at medical school to join Turning Point USA as their national Hispanic Outreach Director.

After leaving the organization in 2019, she worked as a producer on the PragerU YouTube series Americanos before announcing a run for Congress. She comfortably won the Republican primary and became the nominee for FL-13 in 2020, and has since become one of the most prominent conservative-Latina figures in the country.

Anna Paulina Luna Joins El American

“I am delighted to be joining El American,” Luna said on the announcement. “I am looking forward to helping take this project to the next level and becoming a nationally recognized media source for the freedom-loving Hispanic community.”

As well as her political experience, Luna has also developed a significant media presence as a commentator on various networks including Fox News, NEWSMAX, OANN, & The Blaze. She also recently published her first book Bringing Them Home: The Untold Cost of Putting Mission First, and is currently the host of the Luna Talks podcast on iHeart radio.

“This is an exciting step for El American,” added Editor-in-Chiefs Orlando Avendaño and Vanessa Vallejo on the news. “Anna will bring her deep knowledge of the most important issues facing America today as well as an experienced on screen presence that will help us reach English-speaking Hispanics in the United States and around the world.”

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