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Anna Paulina Luna: My Twitter Lawsuit Could Impact Future Election Law

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Anna Paulina Luna, GOP House candidate, announced on Tuesday that she had filed a lawsuit against Twitter and the Federal Election Commission (FEC). In the midst of the situation, Luna explained to El American that she made the decision to do so because she believes she was subject to unfair treatment towards her as a candidate during the 2020 election cycle.

“I filed a lawsuit against Twitter for illegal contributions to my opponents during the 2020 election cycle,” Luna said.

Luna hopes the case can reach the Supreme Court of Justice and have an impact on future campaigns so that, in this way, other electoral candidates will not be affected.

“I think that given the nature of the case that it won’t just go to the Supreme Court but that it should impact election law with guidelines for digital communication and then also to to protect candidates regardless of the parties from here on out,” Luna said.

She also explained that many of the complaints against social media platforms do not go anywhere and Twitter refuses to verify her account despite having more than 199,000 followers and having been an official candidate for the House of Representatives for the Republican Party.

What is her case?

Luna argues that her opponent, Charlie Crist, received privileged treatment from Twitter during the election campaign by granting the verified account checkmark to the Democratic candidate.

“Twitter Corporation in suppressing me and then and also to refusing to verify my profile provided a service to my opponent via corporation that was illegal because it was not annotated and because of that it does affect the election fraud”, Luna explained.

She added that the lawsuit against Twitter is intended to create a precedent so that the technology platforms treat all political candidates fairly. Luna wants to avoid more censorship, suspension of accounts, among other measures.

“Along the way, it could create opportunities that publicly demonstrate the process of how the company [Twitter] and the industry suppress conservative voices they disagree with,” he added.

Luna also expressed concern about how the new generations are being formed, who seek to inform themselves as best they can on their social networks, which have become a new type of media controlled by Silicon Valley.

The lawsuit could have an impact on the electoral law, for which guidelines only concern radio, press, and television. This would benefit not only Republicans, but also libertarians, Democrats, among others, who disagree with the leftist agenda.

She also emphasized how social media has put an enormous amount of power in the hands of a handful of unelected individuals, which goes against the U.S. Constitution.

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