Anna Paulina: Human Trafficking Happening ‘Right Under Our Noses’

“In the United States we pride ourselves on being a country free of slavery, but in reality, it’s happening every single day in most our communities”

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Conservative commentator and campaigner Anna Paulina sat down with El American to discuss everything from the humanitarian challenges posed by illegal immigration to the future of the Republican Party as it continues to attract more support among the Hispanic community.

The 31-year-old activist, who originates from California but currently lives with her husband in Florida, also spoke of how her tough upbringing led her to a successful career in the Army and the decision she made at the last minute to not attending medical school and working as a full-time political activist.

After working for the conservative student organization Turning Point USA as director of Hispanic outreach, Paulina ran for the House of Representatives in Florida’s 13th congressional district last year, where she narrowly lost to the incumbent Democrat Charlie Crist, after reducing his previous margin of victory from 16 to 6 points.

One of the most important issues for Paulina is the issue of human trafficking, a problem that she saw first-hand while serving in the military. According to Paulina, this problem is compounded by the lack of border security, a problem most Democratic politicians refuse to act upon.


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