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Anthony Trimino, Candidate for Governor of California: ‘I Almost Moved to Florida’

Anthony Trimino, El American

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California GOP gubernatorial candidate Anthony Trimino joined Anthony Cabassa to discuss his candidacy and his gubernatorial proposal in a special series of interviews for El American with those running for office.

Anthony Trimino in an exclusive interview for El American.

Trimino is the grandson of Cuban immigrants who fled the island in the 1950s, which made him an advocate of free markets and the independence of citizens from the state. He is an entrepreneur, like his grandfather and father, and knows firsthand that “California is not a business-friendly state,” in his own words.

According to his description, today “California is not a state interested in protecting children, the First and Second Amendments, or the health” of its citizens.

The candidate confessed that, because of that, he was on the verge of “packing it all up and moving to Florida,” but found in California’s shortcomings “every possible reason” to stay. “If you don’t find a solution, you become the solution,” he said.

Initially, Trimino and his family were looking for a candidate they could support. “We wrote a list of characteristics we’d like to see in a candidate that could create change in California, but unfortunately none of them met all of them,” Trimino confessed. That’s how he decided to launch his candidacy.

Husband and father of 5 children, Trimino defends the “Christian values” that he is currently unable to identify in either the current governor or the candidates.

Freedom of medical choice in California

One of his proposals is to eliminate “all kinds of mass mandates” such as forced vaccinations. “Fortunately for us, those mandates are not law, so we can reverse them,” he commented on the matter. “I would eliminate any mandates for mandatory masks, especially in work spaces and schools.

“I believe in freedom of medical choices. Medical decisions should be made at the dinner table, not in Sacramento,” Trimino insisted. “I believe in giving people the information they need to make the decision that their family feels is right, and I don’t think the government should have any part in those decisions,” he added.

Law and order

Trimino considers himself ” in favor of men and women in uniform,” and believes that, rather than cutting funding for police, what the state needs is more police presence. “Without safe communities we can’t have a sustainable and safe society, so we need more police,” he specified.

However, the candidate believes it is necessary to improve the basis of police defense, and that “Police Departments should look like the communities they serve”. His proposal in that sense is to find a way to hire and train people from the communities they will be defending.

“We have a problem because the mayors are not allowing the police to do their job,” which has generated “distrust and concern” among the officers in the absence of support from the governors.

“Under my administration, we would completely strengthen our laws and support our police officers,” he said.

Among the candidates vying to replace Governor Newsom are Republican Caitlyn Jenner, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, businessman John Cox and California Assemblymember Kevin Kiley.

So far, those interested in running include at least 26 Republicans, 16 Democrats, 11 with no party preference, 3 Green Party candidates and one independent candidate.

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