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Anti-Racist Campaign Of Correos de España Goes Wrong: Black Stamps Are Worth Less

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Correos de España, the Spanish Post Office, launched a campaign that has generated controversy. The intention was to remember, through its stamps, the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death and to call for “inclusion”. However, citizens took it the opposite way.

“Within the European Month of Diversity and coinciding with the first anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, Correos launches a collection of stamps to raise awareness about diversity, inclusion and equal rights,” the company, which is more than 300 years old, wrote in a statement.

“Equality Stamps” is composed of a series of stamps that will have a different value depending on the color of the skin they represent: the darker the stamp, the less value it will have. This is how the post explained it on Twitter.

Correos de España - El American
Correos de España intended to commemorate George Floyd’s death (EFE)

Correos de España’s intention

With this decision, the company believes that when sending a letter, it will be necessary to use more black stamps than white ones. “In this way, every letter and every shipment will become a reflection of the inequality created by racism,” the company added.

However, the campaign has been criticized by Twitter users, who claim that the message is that “because you are black you have less value”. Something that would be contrary to what the mailer intended to achieve. “Wouldn’t it make more sense to have all stamps at the same price?” one user questioned.

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