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Anti-Woke Comedian JP Sears Converts to Christianity

jp sears awaken with jp

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Youtuber JP Sears, known for his comic videos on the AwakenWithJP channel, has recently published a video reflecting on the importance of religion, especially Christianity, in today’s society. At a time of increasing state control and the advance of communist ideas, Sears argues that religion can be a barrier against these dangerous movements.  

In the video, titled I Changed My Mind About God – Here’s Why, Sears shares his own story of spiritual evolution and how he has come to see the importance of religion in his life. In the video he explains how his “spiritual arrogance” made him think it was very cool to say he was “spiritual, but not religious,” but that he now sees religion not as outdated, but as essential.

Sears’ conversion joins other figures who have publicly spoken out about their faith, including Mark Whalberg and Kelsey Grammer, among others. This growing number of people who are realizing the importance of religion in these strange times and are looking for something to give their lives meaning could be the demonstration of a turning point in the cultural and ideological battle that has been talked about so much lately.

The comedian also talks about the growing state control and the advance of communist ideas, pointing out that religion can be a backstop against these movements.

JP Sears: Christianity as a defense against globalism and communism

“Evil isn’t hiding anymore, it’s coming at us through authoritarianism, movements, people groups, companies, governments, trying to invade our minds, invade our God-given free will,” Sears states.

“There is an attempt to bring communism all over the world, certainly in the United States, there’s a reason why Communists have their number one objective to disconnect people from God, because they don’t want people having faith in a real higher power so those communists get to be your higher power.”

“People who have a faith in a real higher power God, they are not controllable,” he assures in his speech.

jp sears
Cover of JP Sears channel. Source: Facebook

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JP Sears, who for years has made hilarious videos criticizing the Woke crowd and left-wing clichés such as identity politics, now connects all these movements to globalism and communism, claiming that they want to promote the idea that God makes mistakes and injustices, thus undermining America’s Christian faith so they can more easily take power.

The video, which in just three days has accumulated more than half a million views, is a new example of the countercultural awakening to the impositions of the left and shows how more and more people and public figures are fighting the cultural battle in an ideological and political war, which in reality is a spiritual war against Western and Christian values.

Cover image: JP Sears Facebook.

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