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AOC Says She ‘Served in War’ of January 6, Despite Not Being in the Capitol Building

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In an interview with Latino USA’s Maria Hinojosa, AOC spoke about the pandemic, the transition that Joe Biden’s administration represents after the Trump administration and the Capitol riots that occurred last January 6.

At the beginning of her interview with Latino USA, the member of The Squad (now renamed by Republicans as the “Hamas Caucus“) revealed that since the January 6 events on Capitol Hill she has been in therapy, claiming “trauma” from the events.

AOC told Hinojosa that he confessed to Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley how she felt and Pressley responded that she had to acknowledge the trauma and work through it. Somehow, the New York Democrat linked that Capitol Hill experience to her father’s death.

She went on to talk about how several of the events affected her psychologically – including what happened on Capitol Hill; an event that she believes is a topic that the public does not want to discuss because it is a “sensitive issue.”

For Ocasio-Cortez, the representatives “served in war” that day -among which she clearly includes herself. Furthermore, in the statement, she includes Capitol staff, such as cooks who were in the basement totally removed from what happened in the facilities.

AOC - capitol riots - el american
AOC confessed to Maria Hinojosa that she has been in therapy since the Capitol riots, which she described as an “attempted coup.” The congresswoman claimed that her life was at risk, but she was actually over two miles away from the events. (EFE)

AOC was not on the Hill during the Capitol riots

AOC had claimed in the past that during the riots on Capitol Hill earlier this year, she was in her office. According to the congresswoman, she had been suffering an assassination attempt by citizens who stormed the facility.

The representative’s false confession was made in an Instagram Live, in which she related that she had “a very close encounter, where I thought I was going to die”. In recounting the alleged event, she reveals that while hiding in her bathroom she began to hear these screams of men saying “Where is she!!! Where is she!!!”

However, journalist and war veteran Jack Posobiec exposed AOC’s falsehoods.

AOC separación de poderes
AOC considers she “served in the war”, a fact -false- for which she claims she has been in therapy for months.

Posobiec demonstrated with an aerial view of the Capitol that Ocasio Cortez was actually over two miles away away from the events, where supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol, congressional offices and also the floor.

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